After opening our office in Salt City in 2012, we provided countless of our clients with high-quality PHP Development Services. As a matter of fact, our founders Jane Delta and Jose Washington delivered such amazing products, that soon they could not handle the huge amount of work anymore. Therefore, Jane and Jose decided to open our second branch in Kansas City. Since our expansion to Kansas City MRSPHP wrote a new chapter of success. Lately, Jane and Jose received an increasing amount of orders from new clients in the online gambling and sports betting industry. The reason for that is the late liberalization laws in several states of the U.S.

Especially the online Spielautomaten & Slots are very important for those clients as they are the heart and soul of a modern online casino. But for us, it is far more than just the games we need to integrate into a website. For us, it all starts with the content and the SEO adapted sentences in a text. Because if a website can not be found through search engines like Google, the greatest website, loaded with the best online Spielautomaten & Slots is of no use for a client. But we also have to build in several web applications. Those are, of course, highly customized to fit the client’s needs and has to meet their expectations. The toughest challenge for us is cross-browser compatibility. That is the case for every website we are asked to build but it is definitely a tough case for a website with so many gadgets, features, colors, and animations as an online casino page has. Our experts around Jane and Jose have to find a way to ensure that the huge amount of data that is needed for such a website, is processed with high speed and as smoothly as possible. Otherwise, the website might freeze or load very slowly.

However, there is always a very thin line that needs to be considered. Online Casinos with a lot of Spielautomaten & Slots want all those shiny features but they also want the website to load rather fast, even if their customers have a poor internet connection or access the casino from a mobile device. This is exactly the fine line because we need to create a website that loads quickly, is packed with lots of features and animations, which is a lot of data that needs to be processed, but also want the website to load smoothly.

When we received the first orders of clients from the online gambling industry, we had a tough time to make all that happen. But with experience comes confidence and by now we at PHP Development Services are experts when it comes to creating websites that include Spielautomaten & Slots. But this is of course not all we can do at PHP Development Services. We can also integrate external automation software solutions to make your website exactly how you would like it. Contact us today and let us handle your next website project.