There are coding languages besides PHP. They include the following,


Python is an all-purpose programming language that allows the developer to write and run the codes without the use of a compiler. It only requires a few lines of codes to write an instruction. Python is also easy to read after creating the code and can be used by beginners. Some of the apps that use Python include Instagram, Rdio and Pinterest. The language is also used in supporting automatic memory management and dynamic type system.


CSS is also called Cascading Stylesheets is more of a markup language. Most developers pair it with HTML to define how a website will look like and how visitors see the platform. CSS impacts such areas as font style, font size, colors overall layout and any other design element. This markup language is applied to different documents that include XUL documents, SVG documents and Plain XML documents. CSS uses a syntax similar to XHTML and HTML and uses many English words to define the styling properties.


C++ is a general-purpose programming language that works well in low memory manipulation. However, it still has features for high-level languages making it a middle-level language. C++ is object-oriented and uses the four principles of object-oriented development including data hiding, inheritance, polymorphisms and encapsulation. C++ has three parts that include the standard library of C++, the standard template library and the core of the language. This language is capable of creating different types of data types, variables, and ability to manipulate data structures and sets.


Ruby is an advanced programming language that is used for programming dynamic websites. It is currently used for the creation of websites and mobile apps. Ruby strikes a balance between scalability and functionality. Ruby is also an open-source platform that most developers find it easy to write and understand. Ruby works with Rails framework which is especially good for creative design. Ruby is also used for websites that take in a lot of traffic. Some of the platforms that use Ruby include Scribd, Hulu and Twitter.

ASP.NET (Active Server Pages)

This is a server-side application framework used in the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services. ASP is built on Common Language Runtime which enables programmers to use any .NET language. The web pages are commonly called Web Form. Applications are compiled before being deployed although the website structure allows for copying of files directly from the website without requiring compilation.


Cold Fusion Markup language allows web developers to create variable information pages that respond to user input dynamically. CFML is used together with HTML tags to determine the appearance and page layout. However, the software is a proprietary product for use with ColdFusion.


JSP or Java Server Pages is a server-side programming technology that enables the creation of dynamic pages independent of the platform in which they are used. With the language, you can access all the JAVA APIs including the enterprise-oriented JDBC.