MRSPHP has been serving clients for the last five years. Over the time, the company has built a reputation for delivering high-quality PHP web development solutions fast. We have put together a team of open-minded web development and programming professionals that have enabled us to reach and serve clients across the world. These services are support by customer support and other departments to ensure that each of our clients leaves with a smile. Our long list of satisfied clients is a proof that we deliver not just good solutions but workable solutions that meet the needs of the market.

The company started when one freelance PHP programmer, Jane Delta (referred to as Mrs PHP), decided to join forces with a long time friend Jose Washington, who was also a programmer that used to work for IG Markets and opened an office in Salt City in the year 2012. Each of them had a small number of projects that She was working on. These projects became the first projects handled under MrsPHP. With relentless marketing and development of innovative PHP based web-solutions, the company grew fast and had to relocate to a bigger office after a year and a half. With time, mrsPHP has hired dozens of programmers and back office staff to enhance its service delivery to the customers. Last year, we opened an office in Kansas City to help handle an increasing number of customers that are looking for our services.

Before forming MrsPHP, Jane had gained a reputation as one of the top PHP programmers across the United States. She has a career spanning over ten years in various programming and web management firms in various positions before becoming a freelance programmer and later forming her own company.

We serve customers from across the country. You can access our services online by filling the short request phone, and a customer representative will get back to you. Despite the tremendous growth over the years, our principles of individualized service to all our customers, listening to our clients and transparency still holds.

Below are some of our core values and what sets us apart from other programming companies

Quick Turnaround time

We have a lean project management team. There is an open flow of communication which enables us to deliver your project very fast.

Quality work

We use the latest tools and leading technologies for our PHP projects. We keep abreast with the latest developments in the programming world. This helps us deliver quality work that is fit for any type and function of the website.

After sales support

We follow up with our clients and ensure that they meet their online goals with our solutions. We also advise on other solutions that may help enhance your website as your business grows.

Security and privacy

We understand the need for protecting the intellectual property. Therefore, we keep our customer information and solutions privacy and do not use them for any other purpose. Moreover, we ensure that all the websites that we manage are secure from all forms of intrusion and breach of data.

Structured solution development procedure

All our projects undergo a structured development procedure to ensure quality and reduce turnaround time. This process involves

1. Concept development

2. Sketching the proposed solution for further deliberation

3. Development of the solution

4. Launching of the website

5.After sales support